MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in Abroad Program have Very popular in India, Every year thausand of students are going for MBBS in Abroad and doing mbbs in top Medical University of Abroad. We all know, nowadays in India study, medicine is not an easy task. Because less number of seats does not make a balance with the huge applicant.

And to study in private college for a middle-class student is not an easy task. In our country doctor and the patient ratio has a big difference. Therefore government wants more doctor. Interested students who want to build their career in medical field, choose to study MBBS in abroad. But at some point problem comes with the affordable fee structure, F.M.G.E (after MBBS in Abroad), the safety of student etc.

Therefore, we bissav education help you to find your dream college at the affordable free structure.


  • How old college/university is.
  • M.C.I listed or not.
  • Number of students studying.
  • M.C.I passing ratio of that college/university.
  • M.C.I classes facilities are available or not.
  • Duration of m.b.b.s course.
  • Admission examination criteria.
  • Language of teaching during full course.
  • Indian food available or not.
  • Facilities in the hostel.
  • Separate hostel for girls.
  • Climate conditions of that country.
  • Living expenses.
  • Local environment conditions for the Indian student.
  • Local market and transport system.
  • Travelling duration from India.


M.C.I/F.M.G.E is the most important medical examination for the Indian student, who is studying m.b.b.s in abroad. Medical Council of India (m.c.i) screening test which is also known as foreign medical graduate examination ( f.m.g.e) is conducted by the national board of examination (n.e.b) in India.

It was first introduced in the year 2002. It is compulsory if foreign graduate wants to practice medicine in India. But form 2018 all students whether they are a foreign graduate or an Indian graduate, all have to give a new exam called national exit test (N.E.X.T). N.E.X.T is a combined exam. which includes P.G entrance test, F.M.G.E, GOVERNMENT M.B.B.S JOB PLACEMENT EXAM.

If one does not want to give the N.E.X.T exam, only when he/she has cleared m.b.b.s from any 5 English speaking country(Australia/New zealand/Canada/United Kingdom/United States Of America).

To clear F.M.G.E exam is not hard because it covers all the 19 subjects of m.b.b.s only. And just pass marks is sufficient.

Now it is good to study MBBS in abroad because you get good government universities, better education system, f.m.g.e classes in a good budget.


We all rush for mbbs in abroad because we are not ready to give the expensive fee in private Indian colleges. That may be a donation or so. And government seats are few in numbers with all the quota system. Surprisingly government wants more qualified doctors to meet the demands of the patient in India. So,the students who want to be a doctor, seek their admission in abroad. But again,the question comes with the fee and the living expenses because it is not easy for the middle-class family to send their child outside India. Well, you are not the only one out there! So,if you are still deciding the financial factors then you can seek for admission in Asian and European countries.


Nowadays everyone wants to fulfil their dream of education. No one wants to sit ideal as there is increasing population and people wants a healthy and good life. So, competition increases. All want to achieve their highest position in life.

Every year the demands of doctors are increasing. But due to some financial problems some of them won’t fulfil their dreams. No worry we will help you to find your dream college in your budget. MBBS in Abroad doesn’t mean expensive lifestyle and fee. There is some country, where you can find your dream education. You can get a better chance to start your journey of becoming a doctor from a good university.

Find your dream college and build your career in medicine.

List of the Universities Country Tuition Fees (USD).
Jalalabad state medical University Kyrgyzstan 2870 USD/Year
Osh State Medical University Kyrgyzstan 3000 USD/Year
Asian Medical Institute Kyrgyzstan 3200 USD/Year
Sauth Kazakh Medical University Kazakhstan 3000 USD/Year
Crimea State Medical University Russia 3500 USD/Year


As every year maximum number of student are migrating from India as conditions are now same regarding F.M.G.E. Number of seats in India is less and scarcity of doctors so, there is no doubt that students are taking in abroad medical colleges.

You will not believe that there are some university whose college fee is nominal. Because their less population and no corruption. So be happy and select your mbbs college in abroad.


STEP-1 : Fill online form at admission.www.becindia.org and pay initial documentation/registration fees (10,000INR). Send your 10th,11thand 12th marksheet scanned copy, 12th school leaving certificate and passport copy by email through bissav.edu@gmail.com

STEP-2 : Once you complete step 1, you will get your admission letter within 2 working days of your application. Now, send your passport and all above mentioned documents(original) at our head office. Now invitation process will get start.

STEP-3 : You have to deposit second instalment of your processing fees. Once you deposit the fees and send your passport. Your visa will be issue as soon as possible based on embassy’s working days and process.

STEP-4 : Now you have your student visa, invitation letter issued by university. Now you are ready to fly to your dream university for your MBBS degree. We will let you know when other students are also ready and a group of students will fly from New Delhi to your destination country. We will inform you about your flight date.

STEP-5 : You need to deposit the remaining processing fees before 7 days of your flight to destination. Our consultant will go with you to the university and stay with you until classes will start.

Now you are a student of medical university in abroad so we wish you all the best of your study. Study hard and fulfil your dream to be a good and serve the society.



  • Completed intermediate education(12th), equivalent to second education of the KR.
  • 50% rating scores in Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
  • Admission fee (not returned on violation)
  • Paying capacity, Necessary documents(originals).
  • Certificate of completed intermediate education.
  • Passport with appropriate entry visa.
  • Medical reference – 086 form,(medical inspection can be provided in the medical centre of the UNIVERSITY)
  • Application form.
  • 10 photographs(3*4cm).