Before taking admission for MBBS Abroad always keep these 10 points in your mind.

MCI Passing percentage.

MCI (Medical council of India) screening test, also known from another common name FMGE (foreign Medical Graduates Examination). MCI/FMGE is conducted by NBE (National board of Examination) in India. Under the Act of IMC,1956, sec 13 (4A) first held in 2002, this screening test is mandatory for the students seeking medical study from outside of India. MCI/FMGE screening test is conducted twice a year and minimum of 50% score is required for passing declaration.

MBBS in Abroad


  • To begin with, it is necessary to check the MCI ratio of the abroad universities, to select a good quality of medical study ( MBBS Abroad ).
  • Although, we know MCI/FMGE is a kind of challenging exam with lots of practice for Medical aspirants.
  • About 15000 students appear in MCI/FMGE screening test every year from 2005 to 2015.
  • According to the graph if we see statistically only 19% of students are able to qualify MCI/FMGE screening test so, the results are very less.
  • Furthermore, MCI/FMGE screening test ratio will help you the most for selecting the best universities in abroad for great future of yours.


  • Conduction of test is twice in a year.
  • Total number of questions are 300 MCQ and divided into 2 sections, first section is of nonclinical 100 marks and second clinical 200 marks.
  • There is no NEGATIVE marking.
  • Minimum 50% marks is needed for passing the MCI/FMGE screening test.
  • There is No Limits for attempting the MCI/FMGE screening test.

Select Only Government Universities

  • However, the Ratio of the MCI test qualification is very high in comparison to private universities.
  • Government Universities are approximately in existence from 40 to 70 years. Since, these universities are very old while Private Universities are only from 5 to 15 years maximum.
  • Alternatively, Private Universities are not sure for their long time existence and affiliation.
  • Government Universities are affordable and their is no hidden charges as Private Universities does. The cost of Government Universities are 30-50% lesser than the Private Universities.
  • For the purpose of focusing on an individual learning and perfect strike between practical and theoretical knowledge of all the departments like surgery, cardiology, gynaecology, etc. Government Universities are best while Private Universities will only provide the theory based knowledge.
  • Government Universities are globally known for plenty of well qualified, experienced and lecturers pioneer in their field in spite of Private Universities.
  • The MCI/FMGE passing result will be also in your hand if u choose the old Universities like Government Universities, with the intension of best medical study in a foremost college.

Name of the University Country Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Crimea State Medical University Russia 2,45,000₹/ Year
Kazakh National Medical University Kazakhstan 3,99,000₹/ Year
Kharkiv National Medical University Ukraine 3,36,000₹/ Year
V N Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University Ukraine 3,36,000₹/ Year
South Kazakh Medical University Kazakhstan 2.10 Lakh/Year
Vinnitsa National Medical University Ukraine 2,87,000₹/ Year
I.M Sechenov first Moscow State Med. University Russia 6,70,000₹/ Year
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Kyrgyzstan 2,80,000₹/ Year
Lviv National Medical University Ukraine 3,85,000₹/ Year

MCI classes are available or not?

  • In view of, one of the biggest factor is the Universities must be pioneer in providing MCI/FMGE classes facilities. Although, the students could get a university having great ratio requires the idea for choosing a good universities for students.
  • Furthermore, if you will check the past few years record of those universities where Indian teachers & doctors are providing MCI/FMGE classes facilities hence, they are ranking top percentage records. Particularly, past few years records of the countries are mentioned below in the chart.
  • Moreover, it has observed that MCI/FMGE classes are provided by Indian faculty in foreign has given the best result in such colleges. Hence, these facilities are beneficial for recalling the syllabus of 19 subjects including - Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Pathology, community medicine, Ophthalmology and ENT. Also, of other departments including- Surgery, Gynaecology, Cardiology, etc..
  • Furthermore, it is not possible to complete 5 years of subject in 1 year for MCI/FMGE test in India including those 19 subjects after completing MBBS IN ABROAD. Also, the students should choose well fascinated college/university for MCI/FMGE classes. So, that they can’t face a fierce for attempting screening test.
MBBS in Abroad

Language and medium of introduction

  • Language is one of the biggest factor for the MBBS ADMISSION IN ABROAD. Mainly the student should take care that the university providing 6 years course is fully English or not. Mostly consultants didn’t tell all the truth regarding the course which is fully English or not. So, its cause a big problem for student. Further, they have to study bilingual and later they do not have another option.
  • A medical student must get sure regarding the language problem for the admission in MBBS IN ABROAD. The medical study of the university is either fully English or not.
  • As a matter of fact, mostly universities are Bilingual for example- this Bilingual problem is mostly faced in RUSSIA AND CHINA, the three years of study are held in English and other three years in common language of these country, in that case the student have to face a fierce in their carrier.
  • Our goal is to provide you the fully ENGLISH conducting Universities so that no fierce a student can face.

Education quality

  • Quality has become a powerful focal point of medical aspirants. Particularly, studying abroad provides a multiple amenities of good quality and vast decades of experienced teachers in MBBS IN ABROAD who are providing education more than 100 years.
  • Further, education itself known for a quality. In other words, quality of education creates the best education hub blended with perfect knowledge of theory and practical.
  • Further, the MBBS in Abroad college/university like Ukraine, Bangladesh, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan gives a better chance to practice with professional doctors. In 2018 more than 32000 of Indian students joined such countries and Also, at affordable price. Although, the Indian students get to interact with foreign students. So, they can inculcate the new ideas, culture and totally new environment.
  • Moreover, the medical students will get to learn innovations and practice the new opportunities in the developed countries from high curated experts with years of experience.
  • The MBBS in abroad colleges/university further gives the knowledge, extensive research from expertise.
  • For pursuing higher studies the education quality is a wise decision. However, quality must be delivered to the medical students.

Practical program

  • Yes, the practical programs are held in the government medical universities on dead bodied despite of private universities.
  • Moreover, the Practical programs on dummies are held in private universities. Hence, dead bodies are not available in the private universities and they also do not provide hospitals practical programs.
  • The students are pulled for the practical program in the government universities.
  • Although, the practical programs in hospitals are offered to the students in government universities. This practical programs further gives the medical aspirants a chance to interface.
  • The Practical knowledge of all the departments like- Gynaecology, Surgery, Paediatric, Obstetrics, etc. are provided in Government universities despite of private one’s for MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • So, the private colleges are inferior in providing practical knowledge of these departments. Alternatively, different colleges has different instructing way while some pay attention on exam, other are comprises on work and assignment.

College Fee and other expenses

  • In order to attract and motivate the students, 30-40 leading universities brings a global reputing chance for a successful carrier.
  • Moreover, the first point came to the mind of a student – Is a college/university are affordable or not? Although, the answer is Yes, It is affordable and the university provides a good education at lower cost. So, contact us today our experts will guide you for your benefits.
  • Further, across the various years of course, If a student want to study MBBS in Abroad at low cost with good quality of education at starting of Rs – 8-14 Lacs. So, the best choice are Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, ChinaGeorgia, etc. Initially where 25000 students joined every year, the further, reason is a simple affordable and high quality of education.
  • Alternatively, If any students want study MBBS in Abroad countries like – USA, CANADA, NEWZEALAND, UK, AUSTRALIA the expenses are 60L-1 crore.


The other expenses further, means the living cost of a country. Hence, different countries have their different living cost although, the living cost of the foreign countries are not similar to the Indian country. Moreover, the different college/University has the different hostel & mess charges. Hence, Mess charges are approximately 100 to 150$ per month and the hostel charges are approximately 500 to 800$ per year for Indian students in MBBS IN ABROAD.

Indian food, separate hostels for girls and boys


• In the view of, One of the biggest question after choosing all the requirement needed – Is Indian food facilities are available? Yes, but.

• The most needed accommodation with neat, clean, hygienic and delectable facilities of Indian food are available only on those places in foreign countries where Ratio of Indian students are in large otherwise the student have to cook food themselves.

• Although, the minimum cost of Indian food in abroad are approximately charges 100 to 150$ and moreover, (different countries have different prices according to the facilities they provide).


  • Particularly, the living comfort is very necessary for the Indian students because of good health, sharp mind and focus on studying in MBBS IN ABROAD. Hence, the separate hostel for girls and boys with neat and clean accommodation are available in abroad.
  • Further the minimum cost required is 500 to 800$ per student in a year for MBBS IN ABROAD (different countries has different hostel charges).
  • Although, according to the basic need of Indian students the hostel is nearby campus also with nearby local Indian restaurants.
  • Further, The 4 of students can share 1 room with numbers of bed allocated and those students who want separate room they have to pay extra charges. Even though, they can cook food in the hostel itself.
  • Moreover, MBBS ADMISSION IN ABROAD OR MBBS IN ABROAD has investigated and visited in such comforts providing representatives countries college/university for you like - Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh are one of them.

Number of Indian students

  • MBBS IN ABROAD in top-notch medical university is a dream and opportunity for every Indian students. Admittedly, A student should admire those places where Indian students are in large numbers. So, that the creation of a good environment is held for MBBS IN ABROAD. Further, it good for students to choose the foreign college/university where Indian students are many.
  • Although, India is the place where a huge number of medical aspirants are available but opportunities are very less in number of seats for those aspirants. Although, there is big scarcity of doctors in India rather than foreign countries.
  • Moreover, every one is known to the potential to earn which is very huge. Therefore, due to scarcity of seats in India further, the Indian students didn’t get chance for medical studies. So, the MBBS IN ABROAD is a good option for those students.
  • According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) in India there should be 1 doctor among 1000 patients but here among the 11000 patients are 1 doctor. Hence, if a student do MBBS IN ABROAD then he/she becomes a well professional doctor and serve the society.
  • Particularly, MBBS IN ABROAD has greater opportunities with vast competition and knowledge in medical terms. Also, more than 25,000 of Indian students reach every year in foreign in particular University.

Safety and climate


  • Although, safety is the first priority for the every Indian students and family. So, you have to identify that the country is safe or not? Hence, is it out from war zone or not Or from which community the country belongs? Although it is very necessary to identify for the students.
  • Basically, It is safe to do MBBS IN ABROAD for a good future in countries which are actually not in a war zone and creates a good environment for study.
  • Moreover, the most of the countries are surrounded with the safe and best educational hub list with (UNO) United Nation Organisations and (UNESCO) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s as the safest nation in the world for studying MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • However, the most college/University have Foreign Students Association for the Indian students in foreign.
  • Further, Its our duty of concern to send the students for MBBS IN ABROAD in those college/University of a country and city which are not in a war zone and having safe environment for the students conducting medical studies.


  • In the view of, the climate is a basic reason for some students and it find difficulties to settle down in foreign countries for few Indian students.
  • Further, the student have to decide that the quality of study matters or the climate is the reason?. Hence, the student can adjust in any climatic region but it is difficult to find a good quality education every where.
  • Further, when it came to living comfort some countries are having cold weather, snowfall and temperature fall as low as 20°C and the hostel/buildings room temperature will be more of 20-25°C warmer which is a comfort zone. Although, decision is in your hand whether you only want a living comfort or a good quality education.

Advantages of MBBS study abroad.

  • Although, it is necessary to overview all the advantages for MBBS IN ABROAD. Hence, it will help you out to sort out all your misunderstanding regarding the abroad study.
  • Further, India is the place where 335 medical universities of 181 private and 154 of government universities. Moreover, the demand for medical study is high but the seats are very less, further every year 10 lakh students apply for the entrance exam and fought for 50,000 seats in India and only 5% being doctors. Hence, this is the big reason to choose MBBS IN ABROAD with no donation require, good quality education and infrastructure with world recognised WHO and UNESCO. NEET must be qualified by the students for MBBS IN ABROAD, well qualified and professionals pioneer in their field, Low cost fee, also affordable living and food cost with other expenses. Also, International exposure for the students belonging from different countries, background and ethnicity. The abroad universities are fully English hence, Bilingual will be not a Further, the MBBS IN ABROAD for student has bring a lot to learn from different culture and background of different countries. Hence, the acceptance of new creation and environment will be held for great achievers.


  • Excellent education standard in MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • MCI and WHO recognised
  • World class infrastructure during MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • Fully English medium.
  • No racism and discrimination.
  • 75% Less fee than Indian private colleges.
  • Availability of Indian food.
  • MCI & USMLE classes available.
  • Better than studying in Indian private colleges.
  • No donation and affordable fees
  • Global exposure after MBBS IN ABROAD.

Eligibility for MBBS in Abroad

Basically, Every country has it own eligibility criteria for MBBS IN ABROAD. Hence, basic requirement for a college university for MBBS IN ABROAD are as follows:-

  1. The student must have attained the age of 17 years for MBBS IN ABROAD.
  2. The subject Physics, Chemistry and Biology must have been conducted and obtained for MBBS IN ABROAD and minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined by He/she.
  3. The students must have passed 10+2 from any recognised Board/council from India or abroad for MBBS IN ABROAD.
  4. The student also must have been taken English as a compulsory subject for MBBS IN ABROAD.

Admission Process for MBBS in Abroad

Step 1.  Reach the website for the online application form and fill it well also pay the requires charges and for offline reach this website and download application form.

Step 2.  Hence, send the photo copies of some mandatory documents of Mark sheet 10, 11 and 12. Moreover, the living certificate of class 12th and valid passport (this is for offline procedure) for MBBS IN ABROAD and for online procedure attach these mandatory documents with the application form itself.

Step 3.  Although, after the first two steps, the student will get a confirmation letter with 4 working days of your application.

Step 4.  Further, the college will send the invitation letter and student visa will be applied on their passports.

Step 5.  Although, before this process begin the student have to pay second instalment of fees.

Step 6.  After, the fees deposited send your passport to Bissav education and the visa will be issued within the 12 working days.

Step 7.  Now after receiving your Visa, Medical fitness Certificate, Invitation letter issued by the university, Admission letter issued by the university you are ready to fly your dream for MBBS IN ABROAD.

Step 8.  Although, we will let you know your flight timing and date with other group of students and 7 days before reaching your destination you have to deposit the remaining fee. Hence our consultant will also be with you to the university till the first class does not begin.

Finally, Welcome to your dream of medical study outside India and serve to the countrymen after being succeed.

MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students

Although, we are familiar to our country India and hence, it is true that the situation in India for medical aspirants are very poor, as we are also familiar to the private colleges of India were are about 38000 private seats but the charges required for medical studies are very high of 9 lacs per year with hefty donation, poor quality education and no faculty available adding the extra accommodation of food, travelling, living cost and other expenses. The demand is high for medical study and seats are very less for medical aspirants, the competition level is high and the chances are very less further, more than 7 lakhs students appear every year in exam and only 3.5% of students get chance. Moreover, In India among 11,528 per people 1 government doctor we get every year.

Hence, besides all this it is good to pursue MBBS IN ABROAD for good achievers and opportunity grabbers. Although the mbbs in abroad is affordable at low cost with well experienced teachers, good infrastructure and faculty for Indian students also the number of Indian students are large in abroad with new environment, ethnicity and foreign culture.

is NEET Compulsory for MBBS in Abroad 2019 ?

For sure, Yes NEET which means "NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST" is further compulsory according to the current scenario, as per terms and conditions for students to do MBBS IN ABROAD. Admittedly, NEET is also important for conducting MCI/FMGE screening after MBBS IN ABROAD, hence only those students will allow to give the MCI/FMGE screening test who will first appear the  NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test). Although, the students should must get a valid degree from those college/university which are MCI approved. Particularly, the screening test having a lot their importance after doing MBBS IN ABROAD for the medical aspirants moreover, this test allow the students to practice in India. Further, for MBBS IN ABROAD without NEET the thousands of students sit for exam every year and fail to qualify hence, 200 students fought for 1 seat and only 60,000 seats are here in India including both Private and Government colleges.


  1. The students must have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  2. Further, the minimum 50% marks is must in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  3. Although, The requirement for SC/ST/OBC is 40% of qualifying marks and the requirement for General categories are 45% of qualifying marks in 12th class.
  4. Hence, ‘English’ is also required as one of the compulsory subject from the recognised Board/Council for NEET.

Which Country is best for MBBS in Abroad?

It is a matter of fact, it depends on you to choose your dream of desire country for MBBS IN ABROAD. Further the countries which are best to pursue medical study in abroad are Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, China, Bangladesh etc. Hence, these countries are low cost and affordable for other expenses too and other countries like USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA creates charges of more than 60-80 Lac excluding extra accommodation charges which are really very expensive for the Indian students. The climate are also adjustable and although, a good quality of education without donation is provided from the teachers pioneer in their field in the universities which are WHO (World Health Organisation) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization’s) recognised hence, the universities are globally exposed. Admittedly, MBBS IN ABROAD is gaining a lot of popularity among Indian students and students are also trained for MCI screening test attending in India.

Although, we have already explained the more of information regarding the college/university and the countries which are best for MBBS IN ABROAD in above topics. Further, If your doubts are still their then check this chart given below for MBBS IN ABROAD.

Country Total Package.
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 2,45,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Kazakhstan 3,99,000₹/ Year
MBBS in China 3,36,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Russia 3,36,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Armenia 2.10 Lakh/Year
MBBS in Armenia 2,87,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 6,70,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Belarus 2,80,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Bangladesh 3,85,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Philippines 2,80,000₹/ Year
MBBS in North America 3,85,000₹/ Year

Perfect Destination for MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia

Russia is a country situated in Asia and Eastern Europe. Further, the capital Russia is Moscow and is the largest city in the world. Although, the Russia has the largest land area and called Russian Federation. Admittedly, the official name of Russia is Russian Federation. Hence, the population of Russia is 146.6 million. The government of Russia is a form of Democratic rule. Further, the Russia shares its border with Finland, Lithuania and Poland ( both with Kaliningrad oblast), Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan , China, North Estoria, Mongolia, and North Korea.


MBBS IN ABROAD is destination of wants for the Indian students. Although, Russia is one of those destination from Soviet Era. Further, Russia is occupying 30th position among the top 100 ranking medical universities for MBBS IN RUSSIA according to the WHO’s. In the view of, high quality education and low cost is one the reason for medical aspirants to choose Russia. Hence, the ratio of teachers in Russia are 7:1. Indeed of, Russia is a preferred destination for MBBS IN ABROAD. Although, there are more of 57 medical universities in which 12 medical Universities provide the education in fully English medium in Russia.

Further, in past few decades the arrival of Indian students for MBBS IN RUSSIA are in large and hence, the universities are MCI, WHO, UNESCO recognised. Duration for MBBS ABROAD IN RUSSIA is 6years and for Russian language knowledge the student can take the class of 1 more year. Although, Russia has the well furnished infrastructure, quality of Education at low cost from the well qualified teachers in their field.

Some major universities name are given below for MBBS IN RUSSIA.

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Crimea State Medical University 1919 2,45,000₹/ Year
Kazan State Medical University 1930 4,46,220₹/ Year
Orenburg State Medical University 1944 2,94,000₹/ Year
Nothern State Medical University 1932 2,80,000₹/ Year
Ulyanovsk State Medical University 1988 3,01,000₹/ Year
Piragov Russian National Research Medical University 1930 5,02,500₹/ Year
I.M Sechenov first Moscow State Med. University 1758 6,70,000₹/ Year


MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine

UKRAINE is the second largest country in Europe of desire and wants which is located in Northwest at end of Black sea. Although, Ukraine is in Eastern Europe and sharing its border with east of Russia, Northwest of Poland, west of Slovakia and Hungary, southwest and south of Romania. Hence, Ukraine is in 4th position in providing medical studies. Further, the most of the universities are government in Ukraine for the Indian and International students. Hence, MBBS IN UKRAINE are world’s recognised from WHO and UNESCO.


Ukraine is super incumbent in providing medical study for the students want to pursue MBBS IN ABROAD. Further, the Ukraine has good government universities and at very low price. Hence, the students who appear MBBS IN ABROAD from Ukraine are liable to apply job in any part of the world.

Although, the duration for MBBS IN ABROAD from Ukraine is 5.8 years. In the view of, there is no donation required and entrance exam  for pursuing MBBS IN UKRAUNE. Further, the Ukraine is eager in providing the seminars, practical programs, improvement and development. Hence, government of Ukraine also helps in maintaining the education standard. Although, the infrastructure and the quality of education is very good. Hence, the universities in Ukraine are English medium and provide the many other activities.

Universities name for MBBS IN UKRAINE are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Kharkiv National Medical University 1805 3,36,000₹/ Year
V N Karazin Kharkiv National Medical University 1804 3,36,000₹/ Year
Lviv National Medical University 1784 3,85,000₹/ Year
Uzhhorod National Medical University 1945 2,45,000₹/ Year
Kiev National Medical University 1992 3,29,000₹/ Year
Ternopil State Medical University 1957 2,87,000₹/ Year
Vinnitsa National Medical University 1921 2,87,000₹/ Year


MBBS in China

MBBS in China

CHINA is a country with vast population of 1.381 billion people. Further, China is located in East Asia and is the Second largest state in the world by land area. Hence, China is a nation of communist. Although, the landscape is very large with desert, grassland, mountains, lakes, rivers and 14500 km coastline. Further, China share its border with Bhutan, India, Nepal and Burma. The capital of China is Beijing and Shanghai- The is the largest city in the China. Further, China is a centre of globally finance country.  Although, the purchasing power and the growth of economic is fast in China. Hence, China is known for a largest exporter and importer of goods and services in the world. Further, the China consist Second largest defence budget and worlds largest standing army.


China is well developed and improved country for MBBS IN ABROAD. Further, the China has reached the international level in medical study. Hence, Every year a lot of student from all over the world come to China for pursuing MBBS IN ABROAD. Although, the cost of study is very low cost in contradict to other countries. Hence, China leads the high respect of education. Further, there are 48 medical universities and are world recognised by MCI and WHO. Hence, the teaching language is English and internship is also offered, there is no donation and entrance exam is required The duration for MBBS IN ABROAD from China is 6 years. MBBS IN CHINA is highly upgraded in providing quality of education with fascinated infrastructure and amazing facilities.

Colleges name for MBBS IN CHINA are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Dalian Medical University 1947 4,20,000₹/ Year
Guangxi Medical University 1934 3,50,000₹/ Year
Zhengzhou Medical University 1956 3,50,000₹/ Year
Xuzhou Medical University 1958 3,20,000₹/ Year
Kunming Medical University 1933 3,00,000₹/ Year
Anhui Medical University 1926 3,00,000₹/ Year
Fujian Medical University 1937 3,00,000₹/ Year


MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest high calibre country. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. Further, it is located in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is dominant nation and has its land area equal to the West Europe of about 1,052,100 square miles. Hence, Kazakhstan share its border with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkistan. Admittedly, its a landlocked country with a largest city called Almaty. Further, the population of Kazakhstan is about 18.3 million. Kazakhstan is world recognised WHO, UN, WTO, UNESCO. Kazakhstan changes its past Soviet Union to the Caspian Sea.


Kazakhstan is popularly known for plenty of good quality education. Further, for the people who think the Kazakhstan is a high price country are wrong, the price rate is very low for the globally admired medical studies. The facilities and infrastructure  is well fascinated. Hence, the practical program is held by the teachers and lecturers pioneer in the field of medical. Kazakhstan provides the internship in hospitals. Although, the time duration for pursuing medical study  is 5 years and the medium of instruction is fully English, the students pursuing medical study in Kazakhstan can apply job any where in world and they can also directly apply for MCI/FMGE screening after completing the full course. Although, a very good environment is created with new people, creativeness and innovation for MBBS IN KAZAKHSTAN. Further, the climate in Kazakhstan is good and tolerable with 85% of Humidity and 25%  of wind.

Some Universities for MBBS IN KAZAKHSTAN are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Kazakh National Medical University 1931 3,99,000₹/ Year
South Kazakh Medical University 1979 2,52,000₹/ Year
Astana Medical University 1964 2,45,000₹/ Year


MBBS in Armenia

MBBS in Armenia

ARMENIA was replaced by satrapy of Armenia in 6th century by the Urartu in 860 BC. Further, the Armenia is a unitary and democratic nation. Although, the Armenia is a member of EEU, COE, CSTO. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan and total area covered by Armenia is 11,484 square miles with population consist of 2,924,816. Armenia is consist of continental climatic and dry region of four seasons, the summer temperature is up to 25A°C and valley temperature up to 40A°C.  Further, there are 40 associations including UN, COE, ADB, COIS, WTO, WCO, OBSEC.


Further, Armenia is a best option for pursuing MBBS IN ABROAD. Moreover, thousands of Indian and international students reach Armenia every year. Although, the cost required for MBBS IN ABROAD from Armenia is  very low and exposure of clinical is very good Standard quality education, modern infrastructure and laboratories. Armenia is providing best medical colleges with no hefty donation and entrance exam required. Although, the admission procedure also very easy. Hence, Armenia is extremely a wise decision for students want to pursue MBBS IN ABROAD from well experienced teachers and professors. Hence, the conduction of language and medium is in English. Moreover, Armenia holds a good opportunity for Indian students with International exposure and WHO, MCI approved universities.  

Further, universities name are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Yerevan State Medical University 1920 3,50,000₹/ Year
Mkhitar Gosh Armenian International University 1996 2,03,000₹/ Year
Yerevan Haybusak University 1990 3,08,000₹/ Year


MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

KRYGYZTAN is a country located in Central Asia.  Although, it formally known as Kyrgyz Republic. Kyrgyzstan has it own natural beauty and varied tradition. Hence, its a landlocked country sharing its border with north of Kazakhstan and covered by mountains. The capital of the Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek. Admittedly, Bishkek is a largest city of total area 49 square miles with the population estimated of about 1,250,000 in Kyrgyzstan. Further, the Kyrgyzstan was occupied by the Russia in 1876, hence achieved its independence successfully by the Soviet union in 1991.


Although, Kyrgyzstan is one of the top country offering the international opportunity for pursuing MBBS IN ABROAD. Further, the country consist large number of Indian students at affordable price  as MBBS IN ABROAD in Kyrgyzstan. Hence, Besides India many student from different countries like Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh and many more come to Kyrgyzstan for pursuing MBBS IN KYRGYZSTAN.

In the view of, the quality of medical study to pursue MBBS IN KYRGYZSTAN is as superior as the European countries. Hence, the universities are recognise by the world’s major organization like WHO, MCI, UNSECO.

Although, the duration for appearing MBBS IN ABROAD is 5 years, first five years is focused on teaching of science and clinical and last year is focused on the training and practical knowledge in affiliated hospitals. Hence, the student appear the medical study in Kyrgyzstan is fully liable for the exam conducted by (NBE) National Board Of Examination, India which is known as MCI/FMGE screening test. Kyrgyzstan also creates a healthy environment with basic necessity and amenities for  students living there and the climate regions in Kyrgyzstan is continental and tolerable. Apart from this, the students get a complete chance for practical training and experiments for earning the better experience in Medical field. Further, the MBBS IN KYRGYZSTAN provides a quality of education for Indian students with the world class fascinated infrastructure, modern technology and teachers pioneer in their field.

Some repudiated University for MBBS IN KYRGYZSTAN are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy 1939 2,80,000₹/ Year
Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University 1993 1,96,000₹/ Year
Osh State Medical University 1993 2,10,000₹/ Year
Jalalabad State Medical University 1993 2,00,900₹/ Year


MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia

GEORGIA is a very beautiful country and it is located in Eastern Europe and Asia. So, it is European country and the capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Tbilisi is known for its architecture, maze like and cobblestone streets. Further, the major area of Georgia is covered by mountains. Hence, Georgia is sharing its border with South of Turkey and Armenia, West of Black sea, North of Russia and Southeast of Azerbaijani. Further, the country is divided into two parts, the likhi range divides these two parts. Although, the Georgia is known for one of the good economic reformer by the world bank, it started well-functioning from 2013 and its a part of European Union’s trade area since 2014. Further, Georgia has made a good relation with the neighbour member UN, WHO and WTO.


Georgia is pre-eminent place and conduct 100% of literacy rate for MBBS IN ABROAD. Further, the medical study in Georgia is at cheap/ease expenses, the admission is very simple and free with no donation required. Hence, the student do not need to give any entrance test. As it is a matter of fact, admission is done on the basis of 12th result and further after pursuing the medical studies from Georgia the students can directly apply for the MCI screening test. Although, in contradict to other foreign countries, Georgia provide best quality of education at cheap expenses. Hence, the facilities provided by the college and infrastructure is world class. In the view of, Georgia is recognised by MCI and WHO. Further, practical and theory knowledge is provide and the technologies are the best.

Some repudiated universities for MBBS IN GEORGIA are given below:-

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Tbilisi State Medical University 1918 5,25,000₹/ Year
European University Georgia 1995 3,15,000₹/ Year
New Vision University Georgia 2013 3,15,000₹/ Year
Euroregional Teaching University 1995 2,80,000₹/ Year


MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is situated in India, East on the Bay of Bengal . Further, the Bangladesh is known for its greenish and waterways. Hence, Bangladesh is a South Asian country. Moreover, the three largest rivers flow trough Bangladesh and these are Ganges (Padma), Brahmaputra (Jammu) and Meghan. Bangladesh has a largest delta known as Bengal delta. Hence, the air  temperature of the Bangladesh has never been recorded below 0°C. Further, it is a warm and monsoon with humidity season last from June to October.


Bangladesh is a great decision for student wants to pursue MBBS IN ABROAD than India, Nepal etc. Hence, the large number of International and mostly the Indian students apply here for medical study. Moreover, the cost of study and living is affordable in contradict to other countries. Hence, it is MCI, WHO, IMED, USA recognised. Further, the students who wants to appear MBBS STUDY IN ABROAD from Bangladesh are eligible to crack the screening test like  USMLE, PLAB and MCI/FMGE conducted by NBE (National Board Of Examination). Although, the Bangladesh provides the higher quality of education, infrastructure, facilities across the world. Further, it provides a great improvement and innovations in term of education and practical program. Hence, the climate is tolerable, and Bangladesh is the one of the perfect Destination and a good choice for MBBS IN ABROAD. 

Name of the University Established in Annual Tuition Fees (INR).
Ad Din Women's Medical College 2008 26,13,000₹ Total
Ad-Din Sakina Medical College 1985 24,48,000₹ Total
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College 2008 29,48,000₹ Total
Central Medical College 2005 25,46,000₹ Total
Dhaka National Medical College 1994 32,64,000₹ Total
Eastern Medical College & Hospital 2005 27,54,000₹ Total
International Medical College 1992 30,15,000₹ Total
Green Life Medical College 2009 27,20,000₹ Total


MBBS in Abroad with Less fee in the World

Yes, It is true for the students who wants to achieve their dreams and fulfil the desires of wants in full of competitive world and great achievers in today’s life. Although, the financial problem is big truth for a carrier. Hence, many people are out there suffering from financial cause and in dilemma for carrier opting. Further, the Bissav Education will provide you ‘’Less fee in the world’’ Medical Institutes for the students and family who can’t afford such a hefty donation and fees according to the todays demand of some countries and universities to fulfil their dream of MBBS IN ABROAD . Hence, our consultants will guide the medical institutes which has lesser price in the world with all that needs of  fascinated infrastructure and good quality of education from well experienced, professionals and expertise doctors and teachers from the universities which are UNO & WHO recognised. For sure the dream to fly for MBBS IN ABROAD will be in your hand to become a well professional doctor.

is it Good to Study MBBS in Abroad?

MBBS in Abroad

Yes, It is good to pursue medical study in abroad, as a student demand and need for a well qualified teachers, lecturers pioneer in their field are available. Although, the infrastructure, competition level, innovations and abundance of quality is available in foreign countries for MBBS IN ABROAD. Moreover, more than 54,000 of Indian students reach every year for MBBS IN ABROAD. Further, it is a great opportunity and pleasure to pursue the dream of yours in medical terms for those medical aspirants. Admittedly, the abroad is a place with full of theory, practical and creative bunch of knowledge of every field either it is theory based of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Pathology, community medicine and ENT or either practical one of surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics, obstetrics etc. In MBBS IN ABROAD.

MBBS in Abroad at Low Cost

Further, Every student is demanding top notch education and teachers pioneer in their field with fascinated infrastructure at Low cost. So, here Bissav Education has bring up that opportunity for your dream of desires to do MBBS IN ABROAD at Low cost. Although, Bissav Education will give you the benefit of a good infrastructure, food, study quality and living cost at affordable price than other consultants give. So, be ready to accept the new culture, environment and ethnicity of foreign country. Moreover, MBBS ADMISSION IN ABROAD OR MBBS IN ABROAD honours all the needs and desires of yours honestly and faithfully. Hence, it is our duty of concern for the students wants to appear MBBS IN ABROAD.

Hence, many of Indian students are grabbing the opportunity to study MBBS IN ABROAD at low cost with such a fascinated facilities.

Country Total Package.
MBBS in Russia 2,45,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Ukraine 3,99,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Kazakhstan 3,36,000₹/ Year
MBBS in China 3,36,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Bangladesh 3,85,000₹/ Year
MBBS in Philippines 2,80,000₹/ Year
MBBS in North America 3,85,000₹/ Year

Why Choose Bissav Overseas for MBBS Admission in Abroad

Why BOE for MBBS Admission in Abroad

Bissav Overseas Education is known for a plethora of quality. Although, we have one of the educated, well spoken and experienced team of consultants. Further, the motive of us to pay you complete needs and quality under one roof for MBBS IN ABROAD or MBBS ADMISSION IN ABROAD. Hence, we are having supportive and fully concern staffs  for the students who wants to pursue the dream of MBBS IN ABROAD. Admittedly, BISSAV EDUCATION is in the touch of those medical universities which are known for a quality in abroad. Although we have send thousands of Indian student for pursuing MBBS IN ABROAD.

Hence, we are 24×7×365 available for the students with such pleasure :-

  • Direct authorisation from university.
  • We provide Counselling by experts.
  • Guidance for FMGE.
  • The genuine processing fee is conceived.
  • For the toppers, 100% scholarship is provided.
  • 100% confirmation of admission if you will provide document on time for MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • We ask for a feedback from the students we send also they are having a successful records in MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • Although, BISSAV EDUCATION will provide you the top to bottom facilities for MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • Even though, we make travel arrangements for the students in a group and our consultants also be with students until they do not reach the college.
  • fees is available in instalment.
  • If any loans facility is available in abroad universities for MBBS IN ABROAD we must inform the student.

MCI / FMGE Rules and Regulation for MBBS in Abroad

MCI Rules and Regulation for MBBS in Abroad

MCI (MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA) is obligatory for an Indian citizen for the eligibility certificate. Hence, without MCI/FMGE screening test no one can become a doctor in India. Although as per 2018 the student must have conducted NEET exam, further next for conducting the MCI/FMGE Screening test after appearing the MBBS IN ABROAD.

Hence, some MCI rules and regulation are here for MBBS IN ABROAD:-

  • Further, The application form is held by the STATE COUNCIL OF INDIA, NEW DELHI (Council office).
  • Although, the some mandatory documents of original mark sheet or qualifying exam certificate along with the photocopies while returning the original to the student after verification.
  • Admittedly, student must have conducted NEET and the age must be 17 years old before 31st December of the year.
  • The Demand Draft amount of Rs 2000 specified on the council website.
  • Hence, as per the application form all the required documents must be present.
  • Further, If the False information or documents is found the council can cancel the eligibility certificate.
  • No one can sit in screening test without the Eligibility certificate issued by the
  • The Eligibility certificate is only for the students conducted MBBS IN ABROAD.
  • Further, before taking admission in abroad student must inquire the MCI/FMGE classes and fee structure.